What is this about?

What is Thorium?

What is LFTR?

What's the difference?

Why was it never used?

Why Singapore?

Myths and Misconceptions

What can you do to help?



Ask questions! Write in to ask about this technology and if our Government is indeed looking at it as a prime candidate.

Educate yourself on nuclear energy.

Support the LFTR in any forums or discussion groups you go to. Keep the discussion going!

Spread the word! Tell people you know about LFTR, and how it is different from regular nuclear power plants.

Don’t accept half-measures! We have a truly unique opportunity here to produce a full LFTR type nuclear power plant. Many corporations will encourage us to just go with Pebble Bed technology (Solid fuel, more $$$ for them to make the fuel for us to buy). With a full LFTR, Singapore will not be beholden to foreign companies to manufacture the fuel for us!

With our country venturing into this field, we will need more nuclear engineers in the future! Look into it!

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