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Q : It’s Nuclear whachamathingy! It will blow up, Singapore will sink and we are all gonna DIE!

A : Modern nuclear reactors, even the regular Light Water Reactors (LWR) have substantially improved safety with technological advances, catastrophic accidents are highly unlikely now, however they still run the risk of meltdown under certain conditions. HOWEVER, the LFTR is not just ANY nuclear reactor. Because of it’s design and liquid fuel form factor, even if the core is breached and everything goes to heck, the LFTR will just passively release it’s liquid fuel into a holding tank and there it will solidify. In addition it does NOT use high pressure steam to drive its’ generators, no KABOOM there….sorry.

Q : Ok, so it won’t blow up, but it will leak radiation and we will have mutated rats!

A : The LFTR is a closed system reactor there are no emissions from the plant. Also it is small enough (even massive 1-10GW plants) to be built underground….so, no…no mutated flying rats, sorry.

Q : It will produce radioactive waste! We will pollute the whole earth!

A : A LFTR produces a theoretical annual waste of 1% of a LWR and most of even that can be recycled, and if you REALLY don’t like to recycle, the storage for it would be 300yrs, much less than the 10s of thousands of years for LWR waste.