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Singapore, apart from being our home, is an ideal candidate for a LFTR.

With a 710km² land area and a population at nearly 5 million people, we are arguably one of the most densely populated countries in the world.

Our industries and way of life are extremely energy intensive and this will certainly continue to be the case in the future.

Our thirst for energy will continue to grow exponentially as technology advances and unless we find a new energy dense source of power, we will continue to import all our power in the form of oil and gas.

With global warming and carbon pollution taking center stage, we can ill afford to continue down the road of fossil fuels.

Due to our small size and dense population, we can also ill afford sources of power that need large tracts of land like solar or wind.

Because of it’s inherent safety and size scalability, coupled by it’s incredible efficiency LFTRs are ideally suited to Singapore’s situation.

In addition to power, LFTRs are also capable of desalinating water. Self reliant energy AND water!