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It is the 90th element on the periodic table and is part of the family of elements know as Actinides which are radioactive with a chemical symbol - Th

Thorium has extremely low radioactivity, with a half-life of nearly 14.05 billion years, it is actually safe to handle without radiation shielding in it’s natural form with completely no ill effects whatsoever.

Almost all natural Thorium occurs in the form of Th-232, which is the ideal fuel state for a LFTR.

It is the most energy dense material on earth.

It is extremely plentiful, on average a ton of rock (literally any rock) contains 0.20 ppm (That’s considered a lot compared to 0.05ppm for U-235 the fuel isotope for standard nuclear power plants)

There is enough Thorium in easily extractable forms to power civilization (including it’s growth) for thousands of years, and that’s not even including the refinable sources.

A 100g ball of thorium that fits in the palm of your hand represents all the power a single person needs to live a lifetime (assuming 100 years lifetime)