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Guide Information for academics

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If you are interested in conducting study for Thorium or LFTR and/or intend to author a paper on the subject. The following is a recommended information flow for familiarizing yourself on the subject.


First of all before you begin to look at the other material links, viewing this video would give you a very concise primer on the subject of LFTR

Then, I would like to direct your attention to this website

It is the confluence of the Global Thorium Alliance and the homesite of the founder of the movement Kirk Sorenson.


Dr Furukawa's 2007 Road Map for a Th-MSR, the project is currently unfunded.

The following are extremely informative and well researched articles regarding the LFTR design potential

Also is the unprecedented global effort to contribute the the design of a fully community organised LFTR project here, it even includes simulation codes!

The following videos contain the very distilled information regarding LFTR, Thorium fuel cycles and it's potential


Thorium Energy Alliance - Keynote Address


LFTR in 25mins, a slight more detailed amalgamation of key points

Kirk Sorensen on LFTR and Thorium


Dr Robert Hargraves @ AIM high

Dr David LeBlanc on Liquid Fluoride Reactors

Dr Joe Bonometti on LFTR and it's promise

It would also help to read Kirk Sorenson's and Charles Barton (the son of one of the original engineers who worked at ORNL (Oak Ridge National Laboratories)

You may also follow the discussion on the Global Thorium community here.


Should you be conducting such study it would be greatly appreciated if you would contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Coordinated efforts are often much more effective.


Thank you and good luck!