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What is the difference?

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Unlike conventional nuclear technologies which we are used to today. The LFTR is different in two major ways.

1) It is fueled by Thorium, which is plentiful, cheap and profiliation resistant, something which no nation will ever need to go to war over because it is everywhere!

2) It is a liquid fuel reactor, unlike current technology which uses solid fuel rods. this is it's greatest strength, it can use up all the fuel put in and produces almost no nuclear waste AND does not emit pollutants!

Because it uses liquid salts as the medium of choice, it can use very efficient power generators (Brayton cycle turbines) that is about 11%-12% more efficient than steam turbines.

Because of the above traits, the LFTR is inherently safe! It has no risk of dreaded nuclear meltdowns or massive steam explosions. In that light, the LFTR needs no safety clearance zone around it, and if that wasn't enough, the small size of the LFTR means it can be built underground.

Additionally, because of the liquid fuel form factor, there is no need for extremely expensive manufactured fuel rods like those in traditional nuclear power plants. It's literally almost as easy as filling up a tank of gas. (Compare US$50-US$60million in fuel rods to an estimated $10,000 in Thorium in an equivalent LFTR). This same property means that all fuel reprocessing can take place onsite, there is no need to transport the waste fuel offsite to reprocess, thereby saving on security and cost of transportation.