Thorium for Singapore

Discussing the future of energy in Singapore

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About the Thorium movement


On 2 February 2010, during the unveiling of the Singapore Economic Strategies Committee's road map, it was announced that the adoption of nuclear energy as part of the energy development masterplan would be considered. More significantly, the report quoted the January online issue of "Wired" (, thus specifically singling out the LFTR as one of the potential candidates for Singapore's nuclear drive.

It is from this that our efforts came about.

Many in the Global Thorium community lament that few people, even in the nuclear industry understand the processes, let alone encourage the study of LFTR as one of the best options for clean, sustainable energy for industrialized countries all over the world.

It is because of this percieved lack of awareness that I have started this movement, in the hopes that people will sit up and take notice.

And that a lack of information will not be the cause for Singapore to pass over this golden opportunity to lead a new nuclear renaissance.